Making it real.
Any kind of creative work involves making the intangible, tangible. My art and fashion design work is largely influenced by the art and culture of Asia. My deep love for Japan & Korea keeps me on the cutting edge of both, art and fashion. They inspire each other and nothing makes me happier than when I can incorporate both into a single project.


Jazmin Ruotolo (aka Jaz Kitty)has been drawing ever since she can remember. Her work is other worldly, yet strangely tangible. The name ‘Angel Trip’ comes from that concept. She thanks her Mom for pushing her and her Dad for discouraging her. That push and pull has given her a strong style that isn’t for everyone, but has made millions for some. Jazmin became obsessed with fashion long before it was ‘cool’ to be a designer. She adores the ‘old school’ designers, Versace, Mugler, Galliano, Betsy Johnson, and the list goes on. She was among the first designers to bring ‘urban’ to the mainstream working for lines like Fubu and Brooklyn Mint(Notorious B.I.G), and more recently, Sean John & House of Dereon International. She has also brought her rock & street style to G-III’s NBA & MLB lines headed by Carl Banks, as well as a vintage cartoon line for Forever 21. In 2000, Jazmin along with Kianga Peterson (Kiki Kitty), Zareth Edgehill (Z Kitty) and Dorothy Antoine (Dot Kitty) launched a boutique clothing line called K.A.Kitties (the K.A. stands for kick ass). A denim driven women’s line that bridged the gap between urban and contemporary, another first. Though the line itself closed its doors in 2006, the ‘kitties’ still collaborate on projects whenever the opportunity arises.

Throughout Jaz’s fashion career, the comic world gnawed at her constantly. A couple of years ago her brother introduced her to anime, and another obsession was born. Now she has one foot in each world and sometimes they overlap. She recently illustrated ‘Model Life’, a graphic novel about a young girl breaking into the modeling world, written by Isobella Jade and published by Soft Skull Press. She is currently woking on continuing that series. It can be found through the ComicsPlus app.

In between designing for various clothing lines, she also travels the Anime/Comic Convention circuit selling Fan Inspired Art and Originals.

“Creating anything, be it clothing, comics, a painting, or a conversation; it gives you a feeling like no other. It’s like…angel tripping.”-Jazmin Ruotolo