Making it real.
Any kind of creative work involves making the intangible, tangible. My art and fashion design work is largely influenced by the art and culture of Asia. My deep love for Japan & Korea keeps me on the cutting edge of both, art and fashion. They inspire each other and nothing makes me happier than when I can incorporate both into a single project.


Jazmin’s career started on the forefront of Urban/Street fashion in the 90s. She is a part of the K.A.Kitties fashion consulting team and has designed for nearly every American Hip-Hop Artist in existence, from The Notorious B.I.G to Nicki Minaj. This gives her art style a street edge. She is currently illustrating ‘Model Life’, as Jazmin describes it, ‘It’s models with swords.’ ‘Model Life’ is written by Isobella Jade and can be found on the ComicsPlus app. In between designing for various clothing lines, and illustrating, she travels the Anime/Comic Convention circuit selling Fan Inspired Art and Originals.

“Creating anything, be it clothing, comics, a painting, or a conversation; it gives you a feeling like no other. It’s like…angel tripping.”-Jazmin Ruotolo