Broken Wings

Story & Art by Jazmin Ruotolo

At the beginning of time, when love was first born, something went wrong. A moment that caused a crack in the fabric of the Universe, a crack that spread and expanded through time until the Universe itself was shattered.

This is no ordinary love story.

Dream of the Dragon

Story & Art by Jazmin Ruotolo

Set in present day New York City, an American girl falls in love with a Japanese boy, who doesn’t know she exists…or does he? When karma is involved things are never what they seem.

Do we ever really know why certain people effect us the way they do? Why things happen the way they do? Wouldn’t it be cool to know?

Model Life

Story by Isobella Jade
Art by Jazmin Ruotolo

Model Life reveals the glamorous and not-so-glamorous side of modeling in New York City. From Isobella’s first photo shoot and her close brushes with soft porn to her appearances in ad campaigns for national retailers and magazines, this height-challenged model shares her past in an edgy, illustrated exposé. The original story of the ultimate underdog, Model Life is a celebration of the self-discovery that comes with being self-made and the triumph of beating the odds.

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